Home Delivery

We deliver the van free to your house or business:
Jms van rentals will deliver the van to your house or business anywhere in USA or Canada.Delivery fees include all costs, including driver pay, per diem, fuel, return airfare, tolls, taxi's, hotel, vehicle depreciation, parking and all other incidental expenses. Any delivery/pick up within the city and suburbs up to 25 miles radius cost $150-$250. Deliveries are made within delivery windows (between one hour to three-hour windows). Due to traffic, weather and other elements of delivery beyond our control, we try to deliver on time but cannot guarantee a specific delivery time due to unavoidable circumstances. We offer free home delivery* for any rental between September 1st to November 22 and December 1 to 17 January 1st to March 15 .free home delivery will only apply if your total bill excludes tax is more than $1400 excludes tax and insurance and need to be 15 miles radius of our location and cannot combine with any special deals. Customer coming from far south, Gurenn/Wisconsin area, and far wast we offer free parking for your vehicle in our location.So that way you don't need any ride to come and pick up a van from our location.

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